About the Youth Suicide Project

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What is the Youth Project?

The Youth Suicide Prevention Project works to support the trans and gender diverse community. The ZBGC Youth Project works with trans and gender diverse organisations, and mainstream health and human service providers to improve support to our community by:

  • Developing resources and training for health and human service workers
  • Working in and with the trans and gender diverse communities
  • Supporting the activities of its youth organisations

This project is funded by the Department of Health under the HEY Project grant scheme. Of the funded agencies, ZBGC is the only gender-specific agency.

The HEY Project is a consortium of seven agencies working together to support the development and delivery of programs aimed at improving the mental health of LGBTIQ, questioning and non-gender binary young people. ZBGC’s role is to provide youth-specific programs that specialise in working with trans and gender diverse youth.

Author: Bruce Garcia