What We Do

Our Vision

A society that values people of all sex and gender identities and expressions.

Our Mission

We empower and bring together Victoria’s trans and gender diverse communities through the development of an online community space.

Our Objectives

Our objective is to develop and maintain an online space that addresses the inequities in the health and well-being of trans and gender diverse people in Victoria by:

  • Advocating and educating about issues of gender diversity
  • Providing support, information and recommendations
  • Collaborating with individuals and organisations whose objectives are complementary to our objectives
  • Running events, workshops and campaigns to inform, enliven and strengthen our communities.

What We Do

Here at ZBGC we provide online support, referrals, recommendations and resources for the greater trans and gender diverse community in Victoria. We are also in the process of collating resources on a national scale. Our services include:

Where is ZBGC?

ZBGC does not have a physical premise, we are an online community space. We auspice out our projects and work with established community organisations to help reach our goals.

Who does ZBGC work with?

ZBGC works with a number of different organisations to help achieve the greater goal of supporting the trans and gender diverse community, and the LGBTIQ community more broadly. ZBGC is part of the Trans and Gender Diverse, a collective of nine community groups working together to achieve the above goals.
ZBGC also works closely with CoHealth which is currently auspicing our ZBGC Youth Project, consortium members of the Hey Project, and Transgender Victoria who helps us with our finances and donations.

ZBGC is a supporter of the tilde Festival  and a member of the LGBTIQ National Health Alliance.

Want to Know More?

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