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ZBGC is currently comprised of four Working Group members, one staff member and an external IT expert, alongside our peer support group and volunteers who help run the organisation. ZBGC also receives help from Sally Goldner over at TGV with their finances.

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ZBGC’s Youth Project Officer


Starlady is ZBGC’s Youth Project Officer (a role auspiced by cohealth). Starlady joined ZBGC in 2016, and works Monday to Wednesday out of cohealth’s Footscray office. She recently relocated to Melbourne after seven years living in central Australia delivering youth focused hairdressing and fashion workshops in remote Indigenous communities. Whilst living in the Northern Territory she played a key role in advocating for LGBTIQ communities and the development of organisational inclusive practice. She has a strong passion for intersections between culturally & linguistically diverse (CALD) and same sex attracted, intersex & gender diverse (SSAIGD ) communities.

ZGBC Youth Project Officer
E: Starlady@cohealth.org.au
T: 03 83984117 M: 0429070270
Work Days: Monday to Wednesday

Working Group Members

Andrea Waling

Dr Andrea Waling has been a Working Group member of ZBGC since 2012. Andrea currently manages the Youth Suicide Prevention Project and offers help with IT, research, financials and projects. Her previous experience includes managing the research component of the TransAction Project currently run by PTS in Ottawa, Ontario, an initiative that provides education and training concerning trans and gender diverse communities to services and institutions. Andrea has a PhD in sociology and gender studies, with a particular focus in the critical study of men and masculinities. She is an Assistant Lecturer at Monash University in the School of Social Sciences, and at the end of August will be switching to a Research Officer role at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society to conduct research concerning sexualisation, men’s bodies, and men’s health.

Gem DeMarco

Gem has been a Working Group member of ZBGC since 2010 and currently holds the Treasurer position in the organisation. Within ZBGC Gem is active within our online presence, IT support and lends a hand in our involvement in training, projects and events. Gem works as telephone counsellor for On The Line, has been involved with the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard, and is also part of Genderqueer Australia, where they facilitate social gatherings and delivery of training.

Keira Paterson

Keira has been an ordinary member of the Working Group since March 2014 and has just taken over the role of Secretary. She is a public servant working with charities, and is one half of an outfit that builds management apps for not-for-profit and activist groups. Within the working group Keira handles the contact email and helps with governance. Previously Keira has organised for trade unions, worked with the Greens, worked briefly in health policy, and been involved with feminist and queer activist groups.

Michelle Mennie

Michelle has been an ordinary member of the Working Group since April 2015. She is a psychology student, wanting to specialise in trans and gender diverse health services. She also volunteers at her university’s drop in centre and helps facilitate learning sessions for international students. Within the working group, Michelle has helped organised workshops and events involving ZBGC.

Zoe Birkinshaw

Zoe Birkinshaw is a trans masculine identified member of the queer and gender diverse communities and has been active in social change movements for a number of years. They graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Newcastle in 2011. They are involved in other transgender groups in Melbourne, and currently sit on the Ygender committee. Zoe feels privileged to have been involved with ZBGC since being appointed to the youth project role from 2012-2015.

External Staff

 Lisa Sinclair

Lisa Sinclair has been in IT for 15 years and volunteered with ZBGC in 2011 as a working group member. Lisa has stepped down from the ZBGC working group, but continues to provide external IT support. Outside ZBGC, Lisa helps run Genderqueer Australia and is a freelance writer.

 Life & Past Members

 ZBGC has had many members since its inception. Details about our life members can be found here.