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Factsheet: Choosing a counsellor or therapist

A short guide to help you choose a counsellor or therapist This guide outlines some questions you may choose to ...
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Factsheet: Getting assistance with housing

Need assistance with housing? Housing is an important consideration for everyone but can cause considerable issues for those who may ...
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Factsheet: Getting urgent help

What to do when you need urgent help This factsheet can be used to help those in crisis. In Australia, ...
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Factsheet: Housing agencies

Victorian homeless services - current August 2015 If you are experiencing homelessness you can call 1800 825 955 toll free ...
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Factsheet: How many are gender diverse?

Gender diverse people in Victoria There is little data on the percentage of people in Victoria whose gender identity does ...
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Factsheet: Self prescribed hormone use

Prescribing your own hormones We provide this factsheet for information only. Please refer also to our position statement regarding self ...
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Factsheet: The difference between counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists

What's the difference between therapists? This fact sheet compares psychological services that Intersex, Trans and Gender Diverse (ITGD) people may ...
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Factsheet: Why Victoria needs a Gender Centre

What's a Gender Centre and why do we need one? Intersex, trans and gender diverse people (that is, transgender, transsexual ...
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Resources for workers

General Resources Brochures and Reports by Organisation Intersex International Australia that cover a range of issues relevant to those working ...
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ZBGC Statement on Ethics in Trans and Gender Diverse Research

ZBGC Statement on Ethics in Trans and Gender Diverse Research Following our reading of a recently produced Australian survey investigating ...
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Additional Resources

  • the GQ: Gender Questioning guide produced by Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria in conjunction with Trans Melbourne Gender Project
  • the  The Gender Centre in Sydney produces a number of factsheets