How To Know if Jewellery is Hand Made

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Handcrafted jewellery has been the topic of discussion lately. The creativity and elegance markers and artisans are incorporating in their work can be realized in the masterpieces they design. What most people fail to know is that handmade jewellery is more valuable when compared to handcrafted jewellery which is produced in large quantities. There are a variety of reasons why handmade jewellery is worth the money when compared to other pieces that are massively produced.

Below are the guidelines on how to know if jewellery is hand made:

Small-scale production

Handmade jewellery is crafted using hands and thus producing them in large scale can be challenging. The pieces are subjected to many other processes such as soldering, craving in the absence of machinery. Machines are faster when it comes to production as opposed to individuals who take lots of time to complete one piece.


Jewellery artisans put more of their focus on sustainability as well as ethically sourced materials. For certainty, be ethical can be very expensive when compared to assuming an easy path and shopping from the dealer with low charges. Small scale production is very effective when it comes to producing high-quality jewellery. This is the reason they are more sustainable when compared to pieces produced in masses.


Production of jewellery is small scale results in higher quality because of their tendency to follow and monitor the process from the beginning to the end is inherent in the crafting process. Makers and artisans are always proud of the ornaments they produce. They are keen to ensure everything under their name is of higher quality.


Since this process is done in the absence of machines, handmade jewellery takes a significant amount of time before a single piece is produced. Artisans take a lot of time when designing a single piece of jewellery for their clients. A single piece can take up to weeks.  We recommend Solitaire Jewellery if you are looking to find the perfect jewellery in Clyde!

Author: Bruce Garcia