Sex and Gender Diversity Training for Youth Service Providers

Sex and Gender Diversity Training for Youth Service Providers

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The Zoe Belle Gender Collective (ZBGC) Youth Project has continued in it’s second year to bridge the gap between individuals, communities and healthcare providers. The project has continued to provide workshops to service providers, develop strong community partnerships and support amazing local networks across Victoria.

The project also works to improve mental health outcomes for trans and gender diverse youth through participating in the Ygender committee, and engaging young people in professional development sessions with service providers.

Ygender and the ZBGC Youth Project have partnered consistently over the past year to provide training to both LGBTI and mainstream agencies. Supportive communities for young people have also been fostered through workshops and participation in youth focused events, both regionally and in metropolitan areas. This has included facilitating workshops with Ygender at WayOut and Peninsula Pride camps, and partnering with Transgender Victoria (TGV) to provide worker and community sessions in Wodonga and Bendigo.

Engaging with young people in their peer spaces also strengthens the community voice of the Project. The relationships built through this work supports the sharing of individual and often difficult narratives in formal and professional settings in a way which builds personal resilience. Co- organising the youth forum at the spectacular gasp Forum on Health Care Pathways for Intersex, Trans and Gender Diverse Young People was a key example of ways in which young people from Ygender, and other Youth Project partners, were able to speak directly to community and service workers to inform practice to the community.

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