Sushi Love: The Taste of a Japanese Delicacy on Australian Platter

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If you got bored of traditional dishes at your parties and you crave for innovation, Sushi is the most happening and delightful dish for an event menu. This Japanese pabulum is not just a fancy; it is a healthier food that will give your guests a lighter but satiated feel. Now the question is that ‘how to prepare Sushi for an event.‘ The basic principal for making Hosomaki or Sushi roll involves wrapping of fish, veggie or fruit of your choice in rice layered by seaweed.


Thus, the basic ingredients for making Sushi are:

1 cup seasoned sushi rice

Sushi mat or Makisu

Sheets of Nori or seaweed

Main magical ingredient (seafood, vegetables or fruits)


Art of making rice is the key element in the preparation of Sushi which needs a specific ratio to bring a unique ‘su’ flavor to the Sushi. ‘Su’ can be prepared in the proportion of 1:2:4 of salt, sugar and vinegar and then it is added to already cooked rice. It will give rice a unique and scattered form. Next step is the selection of the basic material or in other word magic material that may range from salmon and tuna to shrimps and crabs to cucumber and avocado based on the event’s diversity.


Now for making the Sushi roll first put the seasoned rice on the Nori and spread it in an evenly manner on the sheet. Now cut your magic material in cubes or slices of 1-2 cm and place these cubes on the rice spread side by side to make a line. With the help of Makisu, the trickiest part of rolling becomes easy to produce intact sushi rolls.


Sushi is the best choice for an event menu because it is easy to make as well as packed with vitamins and minerals like Omega 3. So what are you waiting for, book for a cocktail party catering with Nicholas Catering.


Author: Bruce Garcia