How to Buy Aluminum Louvres Online

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The internet. If you can’t find anything on it, it probably doesn’t exist. When it comes to shopping for home improvement, the high price tags at your local store, relative to the prices on the internet, can give you a mini heart attack. Clearly comparing prices from online competitors and vendors – who don’t have to worry about keeping brick and mortar offices is the way to go.


Take aluminium louvres for example. With their horizontal slats, weighing a third of the weight of a typical metal, aluminum louvres are the ideal outdoor blinds, and buying them online can save you a ton of money. But the internet is famous for delivering the wrong item, so it pays to be extra careful in your selection process – both of online vendors and the specifications. Here’s a rough guide about how to buy aluminium louvres online.




Aluminum louvres come in a wide variety of sizes, most online stores offer standard and customizable sizes, depending on what you’re willing to spend. This will be a DIY project for you, so ensure you have your tools at hand. You’ll need a measurement of your window – the width and height – to know how many standard louvres will fit.




Aluminum louvres on aluminum frames are the norm, mostly because they blend together, and because identical materials make for a very painless maintenance process. But if you’re going for a unique look, you’ll find wooden frames as well. They require a bit more care, can the combination can be warm and unique.




Standard handles are visible, have easy grips and are within reach of most adults, automated controls are more concealed, with motors hidden in the frame’s head. Most online stores offer 3 to 4 control options, make sure you check which one suits you.


Learn to exercise as much caution as you can when shopping online, but ensure you get the details right, so you don’t end up wasting time on returning and reordering packages.

Author: Bruce Garcia